Defyre Data Platform
The web-based DApp for
The Defyre Data Platform will provide users with a web-based dashboard to monitor their crypto portfolio, with aggregated information collected from our Sentinel Data Aggregation Oracles and direct access to published security audits, giving users with insights into the risks associated with every supported asset in their wallet.
The platform will also provide users with the capability of enabling near real-time alerts via email, SMS and push notifications when security, price volatility and liquidity events are detected.
The official address of the app will be at - Always verify the URL before connecting your wallet.
Through the Defyre Data Platform users will be able to:
  • Connect their wallets and have a 360 degree view of risks associated with every token they hold.
  • View published security audit reports for completed audits.
  • View which audits are onboarding or in progress.
  • Configure email, SMS and push notifications for alerts based on specific security related thresholds.
  • Access our HTTP/S API for programmatic access to data points from our oracle network.
  • Stake Defyre Utility Tokens to earn rewards for powering the oracle network.
  • Vote on governance issues published by developers or the Defyre community.
  • Manage subscription services.
  • Submit feature requests.
The Defyre Data Platform is currently in closed Alpha. Further details on the platform will be announced by June, 2021, according to our roadmap.
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